The Innocent Malice
fountain of blood in the shape of a girl
Song: Always the professional
Artist: JonTron
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I woke up to this and nearly spat out my tea.
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匿名 → Is jojocon real? Please let it be real. If it is, where and when is it, and can you get press passes if you work for a newspaper?


Jojocon will be held in one of the 36 universes created by Made in Heaven(which one is still up to debate, but we are considering the one where stands are named after videogames), at Dio’s Mansion, in Cairo, Egypt. Activities will include posing, arguing about which Stand looks cooler and more posing.

Tickets cost one polnareff each, and donations are very welcome, we currently need 17k. Stand users get an extra hour in the Steel Ball Pit. We don’t know anything about the press passes yet, but this is totally not a scam, I pinky swear.

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I am thinking of expanding this series to include stands from elsewhere in the series, are people tired of this or would that appeal?

These will be on shirts at my store sometime tomorrow~!

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Alexander McQueen Spring / Summer 1998

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